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We are in touch with dozens of companies that operate in Russia or abroad and are constantly looking for talent to support their development. Send us your resume and we will do our best to propose positions that best fit your profile.

Candidate experience

At Atsal, we know how difficult it can be is to search for a job and that it is often complicated to cumulate interviews, receive precise and reliable information about potential employers while having a clear communication with recruiters or recruitment agencies.

At Atsal, we strive to ensure that the meeting between you and our consultants is a positive and constructive moment. Our consultants are there to provide you with the clearest and most accurate information possible of the position and the employer and to evaluate with you your suitability, or not with the position.

During the recruitment process, we allow you express yourself and present you in the fairest and simplest way possible. This is why we use the video interview to increase your chances of being hired!

Our consultants are here to understand your profile, experience and skills and advice you best in your job search or career reorientation.

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Career consulting

#AtsalCareerConsultingRussia module concerns anyone being in passive /active job search or just thinking about a career move, whether to change company, industry or country.

- Foreigners who wish to remain living and working in Russia

- Foreigners from outside Russia, wishing to come to live and work in Russia.

- Russian speaking from abroad,  wishing to return to Russia.

#AtsalCareerConsultingRussia module will help you to:

— Understand the labor market and trends;

— Clarify your professional identity and your career path;

— Build, optimize and successfully manage your job search;

— Compete as a candidate on the Russian candidate market.

#AtsalCareerConsulting modules *

— Today's Russia what's going on ?

— Living in Russia, in Moscow or in provinces ?

— Economic situation in Russia;

— Labor market overview and trends for foreigners;

— Russian visas;

— Professional identity (Strengths / Weaknesses / Drivers).

— Defining your work / life balance and expectations;

— Writing a convincing, attractive and differentiating CV and cover letter;

— Job searcher’s market for foreigners;

— Job search strategy in Russia for a foreigner;

— Personal brand, visibility, and networking; (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.).

— Recruiters and recruiting agencies: how to communicate with them;

— The job interview: how to succeed as a foreigner;

— Closing: from accepting the job offer to resigning from your actual job;

— Preboarding and Onboarding;

— Foreign employees rights.

* Customized accompaniment possible on other issues related to your personal and professional project in Russia.  

Format: (interview face to face or via Skype)

— Bloc 1: profile and career journey analysis; (20 min)

— Bloc 2: review of all modules (45 min);

— Bloc 3: questions / answers (15/20 min).

Your #AtsalCareerConsultant: Alexandre Stefanesco  Facebook   Linkedin

— 21 Years of professional experience in France, Russia, China, Italia, Serbia ...

— Founder of Atsal HR Solutions, Consulting & Recruitment Agency operating in Russia, CIS and Europe since 2012;

— Career coach since 2011;

— Analyst, writer, public person.  

This module is also available in French and Russian.

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Psychometric testing

The psychometric tests allow to evaluate facets of the personality and the motivation of a candidate, and thus to analyze the traits that influence the behavior and the performance of an individual at work.

Passing such a test allows you to get to know yourself better and is a good and essential complement to your CV in order to increase your chances of being hired. Indeed, by doing so you provide much more reliable and clear information about you to the recruiter, allowing him to better understand and evaluate you!

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Increasingly used throughout the world during recruitment processes, video interviewing allows us to give you the floor, let you express your personality and not be just a CV. The video interview also allows candidates to be able to apply at distance without being discriminated against local candidates. Our goal is to ensure a transparent, original and personalized recruitment process! ”

Check out our video below on how to take a video interview and read more about it in our blog in Advice to candidate

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