Our solutions allow us to answer to a wide range of human resources and recruitment needs. We cover the majority of professional sectors and almost all types of positions. We are at your entire disposal to advise you and provide solutions to any of your HR issues!

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The sourcing is dedicated to companies who need to optimize and/ or secure the cost and timing of acquisition and qualification of profiles, allowing clients to meet only the best and then make their choice ...



Definition of business needs and recruitment strategy.


Job description

Constitution, illustration and digitization of a suitable, clear and attractive position description to enhance the position and the project.



Viral and multichannel diffusion, adapted for each job`s description on all needed platforms (Atsal web site, on main Russian and foreign job boards, on social media ...).


Direct approach

Direct approach of candidates on professional job-boards, social and professional networks, Atsal talent’s pool and through cooptation.



Qualification of the applications by a telephone / Skype interview to check the essential criteria predefined with the client as well as the motivation of the candidates.


Candidate's Memo

Transmission of successful and adequate applications to the client in the form of a dossier containing the synthesis of the candidate as well an asynchronous video interview of the candidate.

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The recruitment service includes all the previous steps and but also in addition to that, a deep analysis of the candidate by ATSAL’s consultant as well as a follow up of all the process until the onboarding of the hired candidate and well beyond …


Analysis and Selection

Selection of a short list of candidates among all adequate applications via a physical interview with the consultant of ATSAL, allowing him to analyze the candidate: his skills, his weaknesses as well as his strengths and therefore understand his personality and suitability with the position.


Candidate's dossier

Transmission of a Dossier for each candidate containing his curriculum vitae, his complete analysis by the consultant of ATSAL and a link to his video interview.



Accompaniment of the client during the interviews with candidates and consulting for the choice of the best candidate. Accompaniment of the candidate during the separation of his current employer and ensure the taking up of his new position.



Implementation and realization of a customized onboarding of the candidate to secure his effective taking up of a new position during the first month.



The monthly integration report during the warranty period allows secure the candidate’s integration and identify potential problems on time.


Warranty "a la carte"

The recruitment includes a standard 3-month warranty, which can be extended depending on the client’s needs.

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Recruitment on Demand

Many companies do not have the internal resources to cope with all the Human Resources related issues.

We can act as an extension of your HR department via customized solutions by intervening on each of the aforementioned stages but also give you our support on other stages of your HR processes such as:

  • Evaluation of candidates pre-selected by you to help you in the selection.
  • Accompaniment during the preboarding and / or onboarding stages.
  • Psychometric tests to better understand the personality and the motivations of candidates and employees.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys to assess their engagement.
  • Accompaniment during the offboarding (separation) of your employees.

Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your problems and see how we can help you.

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The "Headhunting" service is intended for companies wishing to search candidates in a confidential manner for a variety of strategic reasons, which could be for example

- In the context of the replacement of a permanent employee...

- In the case of the desire to recruit a profile in a competitor...

- As part of a campaign to target audiences for current candidates...

How does it work?
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Identification of the company’s needs and profiles to be approached.

Definition of a semi-direct or direct approach strategy

Interview with Atsal's Consultant in total confidentiallity

Providing client with a complete Dossier for each candidate.

Organization of client and candidate appointments

Warranty "A la carte" according to the requirements of the position and monthly integration balance sheet during the guarantee period.

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Transition management

We can help you during a period of transition, crisis or change within your organization by identifying and finding for you the reliable Transition’s managers.

  • To face crisis / change situations.
  • To support an unexpected strong growth.
  • To pilot particular projects.
  • To support the launch of new products or processes.
  • To accompany a deep transformation within the company.

To cope with these complex situations, we are able to propose you in emergency flexible and efficient solutions and identify transition managers with the needed skills.

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Payrolling is intended for companies:

  • • which have no legal structure in Russia;
  • • that wish to test the market in order to develop a first business volume there;
  • • that wish to be closer to their customer(s) or their distributor(s);
  • • that wish to control their operating budget in the area;

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An atypical or complex recruitment project?

ATSAL has qualified 700 candidates to recruit the 15 best profiles (with strict criterias), for the Puy-du-Fou project in Russia

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