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We all know people around us who are more or less actively looking for a new job.
It can be a friend, a family member, a former colleague or just an acquaintance …

Via #cooptatsal you can now directly help these people to find a new job!

How does it works?
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Check out our job offers

Associate one of our job offers to someone you know who may looking for a new challenge

Recommend this person to ATSAL using the form below

If we find a match, we will contact the coopted candidate to propose him job-offers and potentially set up a meeting.

Recommand us someone you know

Only one step left before helping someone you know find a better job.


Please confirm that we can notice the person that we got his contact from you if she requests it.


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[email protected]

Thank You!

If we find an adequate position for the person you recommended, we contact him! Wish him good luck!