Administrative representation

ATSAL offers a unique solution to directly support companies on the Russian market through the Administrative Representation.

The Administrative Representation allows us to become your interface in the area, and thus to ensure the legal, administrative, logistical or other constraints necessary to ensure your activity on the Russian market.

The Administrative Representation is suitable for companies:

  • - who do not have a legal structure or presence in Russia but have obligations vis-à-vis their customers, suppliers or distributors requiring representation in the area;
  • - who wish to withdraw from the market, permanently or temporarily, but have obligations vis-à-vis their customers, suppliers or distributors.

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PEO Services

Payrolling is intended for companies:

  • - which have no legal structure in Russia;
  • - that wish to test the market in order to develop a first business volume there;
  • - that wish to be closer to their customer(s) or their distributor(s);
  • - that wish to control their operating budget in the area;

A solution combining optimization, flexibility and transparency.
Payrolling allows you to test, gain a foothold or confirm the Russian market at a reasonable and controlled cost;
All the administrative dimension of your employee is taken in charge.
Payrolling allows the hiring of Russian or foreign employee (s).

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Accounting and financial outsourcing

We provide a full range of accounting and financial services in Russian, English and French. Through accounting and financial outsourcing, we take in charge all your administrative, HR, financial and accounting management in Russia.

Financial optimization for small structures and cost control, as well as the possibility of having a functional human interface in French and English.

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