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Contracting & Operations Manager (tourism industry)

We are ATSAL, an HR Consulting & Recruitment Agency operating in Russia, CIS and Europe.

Our client is a multifunctional holding based in UAE, launching a new Tourism project in Kazakhstan.


The business goal of the Contracting & Operations Manager is to efficiently manage tour operations, ensure seamless coordination with suppliers, and deliver exceptional travel experiences to customers.

The manager aims to optimize costs, maintain high-quality service standards, and drive profitability while adhering to health and safety regulations.

Additionally, the manager strives to foster sustainable practices and expand the company’s tour offerings to attract and retain customers, contributing to the overall success and growth of the tourism company in the country.


1) Supplier management

-Communicate with existing and potential suppliers to negotiate contracts, discuss terms, and address any issues.

-Ensure new Supplier Onboarding via all necessary paperwork and agreements are in place.

-Supplier Performance Evaluation: analyzing key metrics and customer feedback as well as the effectiveness of supplier diversity and inclusion initiatives and develop strategies to further promote diversity within the supplier network.

2) Market Research

-Conduct market research to identify new suppliers, services, and competitive pricing to enhance the company’s offerings.

-Conduct ongoing research on industry trends, destination offerings, and emerging supplier opportunities.

3) Cost Analysis

– Analyze pricing and cost structures to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers and optimize profitability
– Analyze supplier costs and work with the Finance team to establish budgets and cost projections for upcoming periods.

4) Contract Execution, amendment and negotiations

– Facilitate the execution of contracts, ensuring all necessary documentation is in place.

– Handle contract amendments and negotiate changes with suppliers when required to address evolving business needs.

– Initiate and negotiate new contracts or contract renewals with suppliers to secure favorable terms and pricing.

– Review and assess the need for any contract amendments or enhancements to align with evolving business needs and industry trends.

– Review and update contract management processes and tools to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

5) Risk Assessment

– Assess and mitigate potential risks associated with suppliers and contracts.

6) Reporting

Prepare weekly reports on supplier performance, contract status, and upcoming contract-related activities for management review.

7) Price Monitoring

Monitor competitive pricing and market trends to identify opportunities for cost optimization and competitive offerings.

8) Forecasting and Planning

Collaborate with the Finance and Operations teams to forecast demand and plan supplier arrangements for future periods.

Develop and refine long-term strategic plans for supplier management, focusing on optimizing services, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

9) Performance Metrics and KPIs

Review and refine performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure supplier performance and identify areas for improvement.


1) A Bachelor Degree of Associate Degree in Business Administration, Commerce, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

1) A minimum of 10+ years of relevant experience in product management, travel industry, or related fields.
2) Experience in work with a cross – functional teams.
3) Experience in work in organization adopted tech and digitalization of process.

1) Time Management Skills
2) Itinerary Planning and Optimization
3) Customer Service Excellence
4) Communication and Coordination

Zoom, Teams, Gmail (Google Workspace), Slack.
Travel Booking Systems, Document Management Software, Task Management Apps, Excel, Google Sheets, Presentation, CRM.
Google data studio, MS Excel, Gdrive, BI Tool (Prefer).

Formal local employment
Reporting to Group Operation Manager
Good financial conditions (fix salary + variable parts)

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