puy-du-fou in Russia

In 2014, the French park Puy-Du-Fou initiated an incredible project in Russia: the Tsargrad Parc, Puy-du-Fou counterpart in Russia.

The first stage of this grandiose project was the recruitment of men and women who would become the wheels of Tsargrad / Puy-Du-Fou Park in Russia.


Puy-Du-Fou wanted to find and recruit the best profiles in order to train them in France. The project was very ambitious from the point of view of human resources since this type of park does not exist in Russia and the profiles had to be the best technically but not only.


Candidates had also to demonstrate very rare skills set in Russia for this type of profiles:

  • Versatility, ethic and speaking foreign languages ​​(French or English).
  • Service oriented and able to become managers in the future.
  • Able to adapt to a long training in France and work in a multicultural environment.

Our solution

ATSAL qualified Mass recruitment!

1. 700 analized profiles.

2. Pre-selection of 85 profiles (group interview)

3. Qualification of 37 profiles (physical and sport casting)

4. Selection of 15 candidates following individual interviews


ATSAL’s candidates flew to France where they spent two full seasons, being trained, and thus enable the Puy-Du-Fou to successfully complete the first stage of its project Russia!

To learn more about Tsargrad / Puy-Du-Fou you can look the video below and of course consult the website of Puy-Du-Fou!

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