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HR Wishes 2018

2017 has been a great year, but there’s always wish for more, so 2018, please make that…

🎄That economical growth is accelerating!

🎄That wages in Russia increase!

🎄That more and more French companies invest the Russian market.

🎄That Russian authorities unblock LinkedIn

🎄That recruitment agencies actively integrate the «Candidate Care »!

🎄That HR agencies  treat their consultants better to give back to Russian recruiters the taste of working in agencies.

🎄That agencies  integrate technology and in particular during the selection of candidates to better perceive the attitude and behavioral skills of the candidate.

🎄That recruiters understand that robots will be tomorrow their best friends but do not have the vocation to replace them.

🎄That one understands that recruiting is at the same time a matter of method and process but also a question of emotion, leaving a preponderant role to the human!

🎄That candidates understand that recruiters are “also” « human beings » and that their objective is really to find the right candidates for their clients.

Happy new year 2018 to all! 🍾🥂