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ATSAL provides you with the right support you need in this tumultuous journey full of surprises for a foreigner.

Though it remains “impossible” to “ensure” a candidate that he will get a job in such a complex, competitive and difficult market (especially if he is foreigner and/or not Russian-speaking), it is perfectly feasible to inform, advise and assist him at best so he is prepared at best for his job search.

It is the purpose of this "job search support”, aimed at preparing the candidate implementation on the Russian labor market, at a professional, personal and/or intercultural level. ATSAL offers You differents methods to find a job in Russia:

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Career consulting

Russia is definitely a very attractive market for foreign candidates and has a huge potential.

However, the access to the Russian labor market is very specific and many newcomers do not know how to successfully manage their job search not face with legal or migration issues.

ATSAL therefore proposes you a very wide range of HR coaching dedicated to candidates who wish to optimize their job search or make an assessment of skills to evaluate their current potential on the Russian labor market, this in order to understand how to change or redirect their career paths.

Many modules are available that can be done via Skype or in our office:      

Module: "Skills assessment and job search"

Module : "Preparation for job interviews"

Module : "Rebranding and revalorization of your CV"

Module: "Training in the use of social networks to find a job"

Module : "Free Answers / Questions"


Enjoy our services "a la carte" by choosing the most appropriate coaching for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations, by Phone: +7 495 769 52 71 or by email: