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Business Development Manager (retail)

Our client is an international consulting company operating in many European and CIS countries such as Italy, Romania, Russia and of course Switzerland with main target on Retail Market.

The customers of our client are the biggest European and local retail chains.

Our client provides mostly audit and financial services, like profit recovery as well as others consulting solutions such as Business Process Management.

Our client is now strongly developing to Russia and therefore looks for its Business Development Manager to promote its activities to the major retailers on the Russian market and mostly Profit Recovery.

Profit Recovery concerns the detection of mistakes/differences in invoicing of retro bonuses, discounts, rebates… and recovering of unduly paid or not received amounts. The main objective of this activity is to make sure that what the retailers have negotiated with theirs suppliers has been correctly applied.



The Ideal candidate:

* CIS development and promote/develop others services, create a team etc…

* Promote the other services of our client such as for example Business Process Management. The aim of this activity is to automatize processes and to help the companies to reduce time of decision and increase in competitiveness on the market.



Our client proposes very attractive conditions:


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