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Managing / Marketing Director (shopping center)

Our client is a Russo-European Joint Venture that manages and develops Shopping centers in Moscow region.

The project includes two Shopping Centers in activity and one in the step of construction, which should be ready in 2015.  Locations of the Shopping centers are Kostroma, Penza and Smolensk

Right now our client is looking for Its Exploitation / Marketing Director



  • The director must manage, drive and optimize the financial situation of the centers.
  • The director must be in permanent contact and directly responsible in front of the Shareholders
  • The director  will have to drive the Shop Directors and delegate them permanent targets.
  • The director will have to manage the team on each site (40/60 people on each site)
  • The director will have to manage the commercial team (brokers) as well as develop all the marketing activities such as the Shopping center’s promotion or the communication…
  • The director uses the partner’s experience and skills in the financial and juridical sphere.
  • The director if necessary defines and monitors the use of subcontractors in any domains.


  • The director must act so that the Shopping Centers are functional:
    • Respect the strategic objectives of the partnership.
    • Respect the financial objectives of the partnership.
    • Respect the satisfaction of all the customers (who rent) allowing them to develop their activity as well as facilitating their relations with the Shopping centers.
    • Manage and animate the teams which are on site and allow them to develop their objective.
    • Propose all actions plans, forecasts as well as appropriate budgets and reports to shareholder.

Required kills:

  • A solid and validated experience as a Shopping Center’s Exploitation or Marketing Director
  • Being able to bring a modern and western oriented point of view and in the management of the Shopping Centers.
  • Develop a strong and efficient marketing policy.
  • Being able to understand the customer’s (shops, boutiques...) expectations.
  • Understand and evaluate the competitive environment.
  • Anticipate all changes and their impacts on the project.
  • Permanently develop the Shopping Center’s attractivity.
  • Anticipate all the necessary investments to ensure the competitiveness of the Shopping Centers.  
  • Reinforce the Shopping Center’s image within their commercial, political or social environment.

The position is based in Moscow (office in the center) but with regular visits to the shopping centers.

To apply to the position please send us Your CV : or apply via HeadHunter here.


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