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English Gouvernor

We are looking for a native English-speaking governor for a 5 year-old boy.

The ideal candidate must be a young, positive, active and sport oriented.

The ideal candidate must allow the kid to develop his understanding of the English culture and his language proficiency.
The ideal candidate is a native English speaker.
The ideal candidate must be able to coordinate the kid’s activities, teach him English and entertain him via sport or games.

Speaking Russian is a plus.

The job includes mostly the linguistic, cultural and physical development of the child.

When he will be out (sport/pre-school) then the governor to teach English to their 2 girls, being 8 and 13 y.o. and already speaking English.

The job is located on Novaya Riga.

The job is from 10:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday.


To apply please send us your CV : or apply via Headhunter

The family provides a monthly salary of 250.000 rubles.


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