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Demographic crisis in Russia: what consequences does it bring to human resources ?

People often talk about demographic crisis in Russia underestimating its consequences and dynamics that was a result of the collapse of births following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Atsal for Staya

After having achieved success in closing vacancies in creative fields we focus on digital vacancies. To understand what is needed for HR specialists to close such job advertisings and what the difference is between Russian digital markets to others , Staya, an IT recrutment platform solution launches the blog "Interview with an Expert". The first expert is ...Alexandre Stefanesco!

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Interview regarding the Differed Video-Interview in Recruitment processes.
Click on the picture to read the text (in French Language).


Interview regarding the Labor Market in Russia at the end of 2015.
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ATSAL become HR Partner from UFE (or French Foreign Union) a French organization with branches in more than 100 countries around the world in major world cities.


ATSAL proud to sponsor the project NUMA Moscow !


The APOPSIX editions recently published the book  "Le siecle Russie" in which I wrote a chapter about my personnal and professional experience as an Entrepreneur in Russia and also about the demographic situation in Russia and its consequences about the Labor Market.

The book can be bought at the FNAC for example.


Interview for the French magazine "Courrier de Russie" about the HR situation in Russia.
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Interview pour l'atelier numérique BNP Paribas à propos de l'écosysteme Start-ups en Russie

La version ecrite est ici et la version audio ici


Intervention sur les SIRH lors du premier petit déjeuner business à la Maison des Entrepreneurs Francais (MEF).



Interview pour le club affaires France-Russie


Interview pour le journal la Tribune:"la Russie pour passion, le recrutement pour mission".