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ATSAL is a Human Resources Consulting agency that provides a wide range of services and solutions to companies operating in Russia or planning to develop activities on the Russian market.

The Russian labor market, as an emerging market, is a candidate's market and faces real shortage of candidates in some economic sectors and in certain regions. To find competent and reliable employees is very difficult, can present some risks for strategic positions while it is very complicated for companies to stabilize their teams. 

ATSAL's aim is to help you with your recruitment needs as well as your HR strategy in Russia. We are specialized in recruitment but also propose some very innovative and flexible recruitment on Demand solutions, allowing us to support you at a very precise stage of your recruitment process.

Created in 2012, ATSAL joined became partner of the French House of Entrepreneurship (MEF) in 2013 and since 2014, ATSAL is the HR provider of the French historical park Tsargrad / Puy-du-Fou in Russia.

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Aware that qualified and competent Human Capital, in Russia, is a very rare and precious raw material; our flexible and affordable solutions enable us to support companies in the long-term, helping them to create and stabilize their teams.

We cover every industry and any kind of positions but do specialize on middle and top management positions as well as technical and complex recruitments.

Our recruitment solutions include analysis of the received applications, direct approach of candidates as well as executive search benefits (hunting) depending on the profile of the targeted candidate.

Our recruitment process includes 8 steps:

  • 1 Opening : audit of the company’s needs, redaction and promotion of the job description.
  • 2The search is done via ATSAL own strategy, which is adapted to the opened position.
  • 3The identification is done through the analysis of received applications as well as candidate's direct approach.
  • 4 The selection is done through phone interview, video interview, face-to-face interview, psychometric assessment solution.
  • 5The candidate's dossier include : 
    - A short summary of the candidate;
    - An analysis of the Candidate's profile; 
    - The curriculum Vitae of the candidate;
    - A Video-interview of the candidate.
  • 6 Consulting : we advice you to select the best candidate, whom we provide with recommandations.
  • 7 Support during the closing of the agreement between the client and the candidate.
  • 8Warranty and follow-up : We provide a warrantee and a monthly integration balance of the candidate during its integration period.
Recruitment on Demand

The recruitment on demand is dedicated to companies who want to optimize and/or secure the cost and timing of one or many steps of their recruitment process. 
The recruitment on demand is a totally customized offer allowing us to act in place or as an extension of our client's human resource department, providing them with very competitive ant timesaving solutions. 

how does it works? 

-> We take in charge all the search (sourcing) and the profile’s identification. 
->We search and qualify the candidates.
-> We transmit you clear and synthetic candidate’s dossiers.
-> You only have to meet the best candidate(s) and then make your choice.

5 steps of our support in recruitment

1/ Conception, diffusion and promotion of the job description. 
2/ Screening of profiles. 
3/ Candidate qualification by phone. 
4/ Video interview of candidates . 
5/ Transmission of Candidate’s profile to clients


For companies wishing to establish themselves in Russia, it is very difficult to gather reliable information about the local market and about the legal requirements.

Russia is a complex country under constant changes, as a lot of reforms are now going on. Available information may be obsolete, which makes the Russian reality rather opaque.

Too often companies, especially from mall and medium sizes, face big surprises when entering the Russian market due to strong lack of informations ahead of their relocation in Russia. This often concerns the economic, social and human realities such as for exemple level of salaries, high Turnover or recurrent difficulties to reach a stabilized team.

ATSAL can answer your questions and help you to concretely plan your 'Russia project' by providing efficient trainings concerning the reality of Today's Russia.

Training can be provided by Skype or on site (depending on possibilities) and covers all aspects of today's Russia: political, social, cultural, economic and of course everything that concerns the Labor market.

These courses aim to provide a concrete and factual picture of the situation and allow you to better understand the reality of today's Russia.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations, by Phone: +7 495 769 52 71 or by email: