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Marketing Manager

Our client is a Shopping Center which is located in the center of Moscow.
Our client is looking for a Marketing Manager.

Transversal mission  In charge of :
o Responsible for marketing strategy and budget through innovative services and concepts
o The coherence of operational marketing
o Implementation of “Services to customers” through innovative services and concepts.
o Manage advertising agency and all providers for printing, events, studies
o Monitor results of events and campaign (small “house” interviews, footfall, key, retailers turnover)
o Provide with best keys and tools to get Brand to success in terms of footfall and turnover
o Coordinate creative synergies with tenants and involve them for events, special actions.., in order to maximize the performance of the SC.
o Anticipate questions / problems and find solutions
o Cooperation and enthusiasm with our Partner, manage relationship
o Supervise all agreements signature
o Work on loyalty program


* Strategy and budget:
o Work on Marketing action plan
o Split budget in accordance with this marketing plan
o Monitor expenses and update budget all year long
o Find partnership with radios, press to get some free advertising or trade merchandise

* Advertising:
o Keep coherence and strategy with advertising for all tools and visuals
o Find best prices providers for printing all tools
o Work with media agency to get the most efficient campaign in terms of costs,efficiency and visibility
o Find partnership with radios, press to get some free advertising or trade merchandise

* Services to customers:
o Identify the all customer journey and clearly identify all items missing which could make the journey more efficient and pleasant for customer
o Propose our partner way of improving this journey with visuals and prices
o Give priorities to implementation
o Implement
o If not validated, work close with specialty leasing to find a way of sponsoring some parts of it.
o Update all internal tools such as shopping guide, directories and implement new tools if necessary related to welcome attitude.
o Monitor quantities and be ahead of needs for these tools

* Events:
o Create, organize, implement and follow events in the shopping center.
o Find best provider and monitor prices and performance
o Work with tenants in order to get them participate to events, special actions and offers, create happenings.

* CRM:
o Define and implement Relational Marketing process based on a global concept of Relational
Marketing integrating gift card and Internet aspects and the development of qualified databases
o Develops and presents proposals for the CRM
o Coordinates the implementation in the Shopping Center
o Coordinates all CRM Research and look for companies specialized in some programs like gift card

* Website:
o Monitor last step implementation
o Maintain website with updated shops, news, services
o Work on evolution of website related to CRM
o Creates a wed newsletter for customers in database.

* Internal communication:
o Write and send out monthly newsletter to inform about life of shopping center, actions lead…
o Meet regularly with them, go in their shop and work on relationship
o Prepare and animate tenant’s assembly


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